How To Properly End The Lease For Your Storage Unit

When you no longer have a need for your storage unit there are some easy steps that can help your move out go as smoothly as possible.


  1. Check your lease about what kind of notice to vacate is required. Just like an apartment rental, storage unit agreements will require a notice to vacate. Our leases require payment for our two month minimum up front, along with a refundable security deposit.
    1. After the first two months the lease continues on a month to month basis. If you only need the storage unit for the two month minimum let us know and move in so we can make a note of it.
    2. If you need the storage unit for longer then you are renting from month to month.
  1. Give proper notice to vacate. Our storage agreements require a 30 day notice to vacate your unit. As the storage leases run from month to month, you will want to give notice 30 days prior to the start of your last month. Example: You want to vacate at the end of November. Call or email us by the last day of October.
  2. Clean out the storage unit. Remove everything in the unit. Sweep out your storage space. If you used pallets that we provided you can leave these inside the unit.
  3. Turn your keys in back at our main office by the last day of the month you are using the unit at          2215 W Nordale Drive in Appleton. Leave the lock on your unit.
  4. If your address changed since you moved into your unit, provide us your new mailing address at move out so we have the correct location to mail your security deposit.


We don’t move you out of our system until you get the keys to us. If you end up needing the unit for another month just let us know. You are not required to vacate your storage unit the date you gave notice for. Just get us an updated date to vacate your unit and pay for another month of storage.


Once we receive your keys we check the unit to make sure it was cleaned out. Then a check for your storage deposit is mailed to you usually within a week.

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I Need a Storage Unit. How Do I Rent a Unit?

Renting a storage unit typically takes less than 10 minutes. Each storage facility has its own management procedures in place. Typically you will be asked for several of the following pieces of information when renting a unit:

1)      Your driver’s license. This is to verify your identity.

Example: We rent a storage unit to Steve Smith. Steve did not give us his real name. His name is actually Chester Buttersworth. Ok…if my name was Chester Buttersworth I might want to go by Steve Smith…but I digress. Without a storage rental agreement with your real name on it the agreement isn’t valid. This is why you are asked to verify your identity.

2)      Your social security number. Yikes!!!! We do not ask for social security numbers at Stor It Storage and never will. Some storage facilities do require this information. With identity theft on the rise you will want to carefully consider if you are willing to share this information when renting a unit.

3)      Your contact information:

  1.     Name
  2.     Address
  3.     Phone Number
  4.     E-mail. We use this to contact your in regards to your account:
  •         Billing reminders
  •         Storage receipts
  •         Account statements
  •         To notify you of any pertinent site information such as unit maintenance

4)      An alternate contact in case we cannot reach you.

5)      How do you want to pay for your storage unit? Stor It Storage has online account access and accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Credit Card (all major credit cards are accepted)
  • Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order

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