Advice for Moving During the Holidays

Needing to relocate happens for a variety of reasons and doesn’t always happen at the most convenient times. Especially during the holidays, no one enjoys packing or moving. We know that moving during this time can be hectic, and hope that the following tips help you to stay organized and still enjoy the holidays.


  1. Pack a little bit at a time: Instead of trying to tackle the project all at once, consider which rooms you can begin to pack up. If guests will not be coming to your home, for example, you can start to pack guest bedrooms, closets, and storage areas.
  2. Plan holiday get-togethers away from home: Consider arranging with relatives to hold your family gatherings at someone else’s house this year, and offer to host at your new home next year. This will alleviate added stress on you and your family. If you do still plan to entertain, try to keep it small. Consider inviting fewer people, or even asking others to bring a dish to pass to lighten how much cooking you need to do.
  3. Plan for unexpected moving expenses: Keep records of all of your moving details in one place so they can easily be brought up on moving day if necessary. Confirm and reconfirm with your moving or truck rental property, as people and companies can be forgetful during the holidays.
  4. Buy moving supplies during holiday sales: Look at office supply stores for sales on boxes and moving supplies, especially around Black Friday. Also make a list of utilities and home services you will need to schedule.

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