Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

When deciding to rent a storage unit, how do you know if paying the extra money for a climate controlled unit is worth it? These units stay at a consistent temperature, and some even offer humidity control. When it comes to storing valuables such as antiques or documents, the peace of mind knowing that your items are safe can be worth the investment. Here are a few of the benefits you can obtain from renting a climate controlled unit:

  1. Protection from extreme temperature: In some climates, temperatures can fluctuate from over 90 degrees in the summer to below zero degrees in the winter. Living in such a climate can cause damage to stored items such as instruments, wood furniture, books and magazines, electronics, important documents, or antiques, among other things. Climate controlled units will stay above zero and below 90 all year round, ensuring the the outside temperature does not harm your belongings.    
  2. Protection from dust and debris: The chance of any accidental flooding, leakages from adjoining units, or dirt being tracked in is greatly decreased with one of these units. Since they are sealed to keep the temperature (and/or humidity) consistent, they also seal out other unwanted materials. This includes insects or rodents that may want to make a home in the items you’ve stored.
  3. Better air quality: The constant circulation inside climate controlled units ensures that fresh air is in your unit at all times. This way you don’t need to open your unit to get fresh air inside. When storing sensitive documents or electronics, air quality should be taken into consideration.
  4. Peace of mind: While you do pay more, it is a small price to pay knowing that fluctuations in outdoor temperature will not damage your belongings. However, if the items that you are storing are not of great value and will only be stored for a short period of time, traditional storage is often adequate.

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