General Storage Tips

Moving and storage often go hand in hand. Chances are that if you’re moving, you’re also placing some items into storage. Storage units may seem to be similar across the board, but this is far from the truth. Just as important as packing your storage unit correctly is picking the right storage unit facility for your storage needs. Before you decide to rent a unit, check out the following tips:

  1. Consider the location of the facility. If you’re going to be visiting frequently, consider renting nearby. Stor-It has locations in both Neenah and Appleton, meaning that you can rent where it’s most convenient to you.
  2. Ask about climate controlled units if this is something that pertains to you. If you’re storing delicate items that could be damaged by changes in temperature or humidity, a climate controlled unit where temperature and humidity are restricted may be a good fit.
  3. Using boxes of a uniform size can make packing your storage unit easier, especially if you plan to stack your boxes towards the ceiling.
  4. If you’re storing a refrigerator or freezer, leave the door ajar to prevent mold from growing inside.
  5. Organize the unit so that there are small walkways between furniture and boxes, allowing you to walk around and retrieve different items as necessary.
  6. Try to fill boxes to the top, especially if you’re stacking them. Boxes that are only half filled are more likely to cave in or collapse.

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