How to Create A Successful Mudroom

Without a buffer between the outdoors and your home, coming inside can get messy, especially in the winter. Snow, rain, and mud can get tracked through the rest of your home if they aren’t contained in the mudroom. There are a few ways to ensure that your mudroom is successful at creating this barrier and keeping your house clean.

  • Storage for boots and shoes: Boot trays and mats reduce dirt where shoes are taken off, and allow water to pool and evaporate there instead of being spread around your house. Built-in shoe racks and hanging bins are great space savers in closets, and make sure that your family can always find the pair of shoes they need.
  • Cubbies: Box-like cubbies built into the wall or benches provide additional storage for hats, mittens, scarves, and other winter gear. Cubbies can be bought, made, or fashioned out of repurposed cabinetry originally used elsewhere.
  • Using the whole wall: Shelves and cubbies allow you to get the most use out of your wall space by storing vertically. Items for kids can be kept at lower heights, and adult items at higher heights.
  • Doubling up: Since space can be limited in your mudroom, try to fit as much functionality as possible into its features. For example, a bench could double as a storage container for winter gear by having a seat that opens to reveal cubbies beneath.

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