Moving in the Rain

Moving day can be stressful enough as it is, but adding unfavorable weather on top of everything else can make the process more grueling than necessary. Sometimes there is no other option than to move into your new home while it is raining, and so it is important to be prepared to make the experience as easy on yourself as possible. There are a few simple tips that can make the day go according to your plan.

  1. Garbage bags: When cardboard boxes aren’t enough to keep your books or electronics dry, opt for big plastic garbage bags to transport them. For the sake of organization, the items in the bags can then be placed into boxes for easier stacking and transporting.
  2. Gather items in one place indoors: Before venturing out into the weather, gather all of your boxes into one space, such as the garage. This will minimize the distance that needs to be spent traveling through the house while your clothes and shoes are wet. This also allows you to back the moving truck as close to your house or apartment as possible.
  3. Use mats: Using cardboard or plastic tarps is a great way to prevent slipping or keep floors dry. Make sure to tape down any plastic mats in the home to prevent them from moving. Cardboard can be placed between the truck and the home to decrease the chances of falling.
  4. Use an assembly line: By having certain people in the truck, other trekking between the truck and the home, and some inside the home, this will minimize the amount of dirt and water brought into the new home during the unpacking process. Additionally, it will be more time efficient and will allow more time for settling in.
  5. Dry as you go: Drying items off as they are brought into the home eliminates a greater mess to clean up later on and brings less water into the living space, while decreasing the potential damage to your belongings from the excess moisture.
  6. Plastic wrap: Wrapping large items such as furniture in plastic shrink wrap will help protect them from the elements and keep them dry during the move. Since moving blankets are not waterproof, this step can prove to be crucial.

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