One Bedroom Storage and Organization Ideas

In a small apartment, storage and organization can be challenging. Rather than accepting that you need more space to be organized, try the following tips to make the most of the space you have:

  1. Choose a bed with built-in storage, either open shelves or spaces hidden by doors.
  2. Put your bed on risers and use decorative containers to store items underneath.
  3. Boxes or other containers can be stacked and used as a nightstand while storing items out of sight.
  4. High shelves utilize the space above your head and can free up floor space.
  5. Choose furniture that moves easily or has more than one use. For example, a fold out bed or table.
  6. Use common items in uncommon ways. Think how you could use old baskets or other items for storage. Pegboards can make great coat hooks and tension rods can create hanging racks anywhere.
  7. For items like pants and tank tops, store them compactly by adding a second hanging clothing rack in the bottom half of your closet.
  8. Hang belts, bags, coats, or ties on the walls of your closet to utilize that empty space.

For items that simply won’t fit in your apartment, consider renting a storage unit nearby to hold them. If you live in the Appleton or Neenah areas, give Stor It a call today at (920) 734-1265 to discuss which self storage unit would be a good fit for you.


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