Organizing a new home after you move

Moving into a new home means getting a new chance at being organized. The first step towards organization is correctly labeling all boxes to begin with. This prevents things from ending up in the wrong spots once you unpack at your new place. Perhaps consider labeling some boxes with phrases such as “open first” to signify which boxes contain essential items.

A great strategy for unpacking is to organize the living spaces first, and then concentrate on smaller spaces and items. A perfect place to start is the living room. Getting the big furniture in place and having a room free of moving clutter can be a good way to relax at the end of a long day of work. Planning where you’ll put the furniture ahead of time can expedite the process of setting up the room, as well.

Next, move onto the kitchen. Before starting to unpack, it can be helpful to decide which areas will be designated areas for baking or coffee, for example. Remembering that you can often adjust cabinet shelves is important, as well. Oftentimes people think that their shelves won’t fit the items that they want them to, and simply forget that they can move the shelves up or down to the appropriate heights. When unpacking, prioritize which items get unpacked first. The coffee mugs that you use every morning should be taken out of their boxes, but the holiday serving platter that you use once a year can likely wait.

The bathroom and bedroom are good spots to move to next. For the bathroom, this can be a good chance to get rid of toiletries that you no longer use or have expired. In the bedroom, don’t neglect the available floor space that you have for storage. Low bookshelves can be great for storage, for example, and bins with seasonal clothes can be kept under the bed.

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