Preparing Patio Furniture for Storage

If you want your furniture to look as good next summer as it did this year, consider placing it into storage during the winter months. Winter weather can take a toll on your furniture’s appearance, but properly storing it can help extend its life.

The first and most important step is to do a thorough cleaning. For aluminum, plastic, and vinyl, you can use a sponge with hot soap and water. For wicker and wood, use water and a little oil soap followed by furniture-grade paste wax when dry. For canvas, scrub with upholstery cleaner.

If your metal furniture is starting to rust, scrub it with a wire brush and apply a coat of paste wax to prevent further rusting. You can also use a silicone sealant spray on these pieces.

Once everything is cleaned and has dried, now it’s time to decide what size storage unit will best fit your needs. With locations in Neenah and Appleton, WI, Stor It Mini Storage offers various unit sizes and can help you make your decision. Give us a call today at (920) 734-1265 to discuss which unit could be right for you!

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