Rental Storage Unit Tips

There are plenty of good reasons to rent a storage unit, and there are also many ways to make your renting experience as positive as possible. The following are a few tips to help keep your items safe and in their current condition:

  1. Label everything: While you know exactly where everything is when you move into the storage unit, that may not be the case a year down the road when you’re digging for your old camera you thought you’d never have another use for. Label boxes clearly and in a way that most makes sense to you, to ensure efficiency down the line when looking for something.
  2. Keep items off the floor: As ridiculous as it may sound, keeping your items off the floor could prove to be crucial. Particularly in climates where it snows, there’s no way to guarantee that melting snow won’t leak under the unit door, or that spills won’t come from next-door units and soil your items.
  3. Use the space wisely: Even a 10x10ft storage unit can house a lot of stuff, if packed correctly. This may mean packing all the way up to the ceiling, in some cases. Using plywood between layers of boxes can help stabilize and protect the boxes as you stack upward.
  4. Use plastic wrap: Especially if there are items you plan to store for extended periods of time, wrapping them in plastic can protect against insects of dust that could cause damage or tarnishing.

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