Types of Small Businesses that Use Self Storage

Most small business owners don’t have the square footage to store extra inventory, equipment, or supplies in their workspace. For many industries, self storage units are a convenient solution. Here are a few examples of industry-specific benefits of self storage:

  1. Landscaping: Storage units allow you to take only the specific equipment with you that you need for each job, as opposed to bringing everything with you everywhere. Storing equipment in a self storage unit keeps the equipment accessible and allows for quick loading and unloading.
  2. Roofing: Roofers have lots of supplies that need to be kept organized. From power tools and shingles to tiles and adhesive, to everything in between, these items can be stored in a self storage unit and are easy to access for the short or long term.
  3. Construction: Many construction contractors do not have an office at all, and a self storage unit is a cost-effective way to store your equipment and supplies. Lumber, sheetrock and other items are easily accessible and secure.
  4. Retail: Whether if you’re a brick and mortar or an online-only retailer, extra space is necessary. Extra inventory, displays, and additional necessary supplies are costly and take up a lot of space. These items need to be safely stored to prevent damage and lost sales.

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